– Empowering people to become Future Fit –


– Empowering people to become Future Fit –


– Empowering people to become Future Fit –


– Empowering people to become Future Fit –



What would happen if you gave your potential free reign? How are you developing your potential so you will be 100% prepared for…

‘The Future of (Your) Work ‘?

Coming to great synergy between human and technology while realizing personal and professional growth for both individuals as well as organizations, that is what drives us.

How we accomplish? By making what some would see as unconventional connections. We call it Intuïtive Learning experiencing change in ‘full swing’, because mind and body are one.

HumanFits opens eyes

  • ... raises awareness
  • ... uses resistance
  • ... accelerates and establishes
    personal & organization

The Human Connection Model

The work we do is based on our Human Connection Model© and the 21st century skills framework. It is that place in our lives where people and technology meet. We practice what we call the HUMANFITS Slice of five© and combine this with a daily portion of Future Fitness. Because we know that the future started yesterday. Join us and start today! We have created some inspirational tools to help you get started right now! Would you like to know what we can do for you or your organization?

  • 100% Pragmatic
  • Based in Science
  • Extensive experience
  • Proven method

"The skill for the 21st century, is learning new skills"


"Wow, HUMANFITS has taught me to learn new skills much faster than I was able before. It helped me becoming more flexible and adaptible to changes. It's really a kind of online buddy that helps me stay focused and be future fit. It has changed my perspective about my job and how I can best develop my skills.

All my senses have been awakened. I used to be extremely stuck 'in my head'. Now I need to work daily on my own personal development. Using all my senses, not just my head. Future Fitness is addictive."

Jessica Zuiderwijk
Vitis Wellness

"HUMANFITS has really been an eye-opener for us. It has shown us to approach personal development in a different way, and that we are the ones responsible for it. Result: A permanent mindset change! It has been essential to our transformation into a more talent and purpose driven organization.

The "Extreme Learning" days were great. Learning something new quickly is something that everyone wants. And it wasn’t difficult. I am glad that, by better using our intuition, our organization has become more people focused. This is not a fleeting change, but is becoming part of what we are about.

Bo Kemp
Municipality of Leiden

"Be Yourself"

Becoming or remaining Future Fit?
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