This is the place where you can find everything about being and staying Future Fit. This has everything to do with “employee Agility” and intuitive learning. It is a collection of our own blogs, articles, books and videos that have inspired us.

You can find your way through senses or themes.

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens."

Carl Jung

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21st Century Skills

Are you ready forthe 21st century ? Learn what skills are essential to increase your chances on the job market.

21st century skills bookcover

Why you might need to fire your most talented employee

The importance of a human-centered culture in companies. What if your most valued talent drives other employees to despair and makes them sick… What do you do?

Broaden your perspective

Open your eyes and look at what you don’t see!


What does life with a robot look like. Fascinating perspective on how robots become human.


Extremely fast Learning

Learn something new faster. Put this music on your headset!

What happens in your brain...

… if you are listening to music. Explained by Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder

Audio for inspiration

Introduce nature to your work. Listen to what nature has to say.

Baroque music

Scientific research shows that the following elements promote enhanced concentration and learning. They increase the focus, the tension arc (focus stamina) and the associative power:

  1. Music: Baroque music (especially the 60 beats per minute)
  2. Environment: in a (pleasant) space that is familiar to you
  3. Odour: associating (positively)


The feeling creates the healing

The Chief Heart Officer is the accelerator in your company! How? Get started with the internal feelings of employees!


Five useful tips for increasing your resilience and flexibility.

Make room for self-reflection, creative thinking and meaningful activities.

By ‘reframing’ complex questions you come into another mental perspective.

Changes and new ideas come from all directions. Watch like you’re seeing everything for the first time. And Marvel!

Experiment and accept that mistakes accelerate the learning process.

Give direction instead of steering to end result.


Smell the fresh scent of lemons and let the ice cream melt on your tongue. And… Does the water already run in your mouth? There is no need to see real lemons or taste ice cream to evoke the smell or taste. Try this trick to evoke thoughts or emotions.


Working with fragrance

The effect of scent, applied in work and private. How fragrance brings emotions and memories together.


Feeling better at the workplace. Adding scents can help.

Future Fit

Work on your DQ

DQ stands for the Digital Quotient. Besides IQ, EQ, working on your DQ is of great importance to be future fit. 

Vitality Inspiration Pointers (VIP)

Here you go, your VIP for more energy and vitality. From ‘ On the move ‘ to come home to yourself.



Nelson Mandela was the example of Ubuntu. Live and transform based on Ubuntu. The philosophy behind the abolition of apartheid in Africa.

The Meaning of life

Fokke Obbema went in search of the meaning of life.

This is what he discovered.


The body as a source of information

Detailed Body & Mind Scan brings balance and imbalance into view. Based on the advanced Being in Balance technology.


Hearing aid and gadget? It’s possible, thinks manufacturer Starkey. LivioAI translates 27 languages, registers your fitness and calls the doctor if you fall. 

Talk to an Italian, an Indian or a Ghanaian without you being able to know the language. That is/will become possible.



For years, Johann Hari investigated causes of depression and anxiety. This revealed forms of disconnected connections . We have been cut off from something we naturally need, such as clean air. This is how we feed ourselves and others when we are connected to the seven points below.


From focus on high potentials to development for everyone! Because everyone has a talent. There are eight types of intelligences. Curious about yours?

Do the free Multiple Intelligences Test.