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I am always looking for ways to learn quicker and more easily. The start-up where I work is growing so fast that I can’t keep up. I focus on my customers,--- customers and customers again. I forget about my own personal development and the development of all the cool dudes around me. What will be my next step? I want to incorporate continuous learning and development in my daily life while also focusing on peace and quiet reflection. But where do I start?

For the organization

There is a lot of concern and anxiety in our business when it comes to transformation. We are not going fast enough and yet there are people who can’t keep up. Their job description is changing, but they don’t feel any urgency to change with it. We have employee budgets for (personal) development, but no one is happy with it. Either it doesn’t get used, or the training sessions are not productive. And then I am not even talking about how I don’t think that if offers any real added value to people, the company or society as a whole. Isn’t there a way to approach this differently in this age of digitalization?

The HumanFits approach



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Lifelong Future Fitness


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We offer various ways in which to increase your Human Quotient (HQ) within the HQ Connection Model.

It is the essential first step to becoming Future Fit. It forms the basis of you as a “Human Being” instead of being a Human Doing. It is critical in the development of your “21st century skill set”. Pick what you feel fits you best so you develop yourself faster.

The Human Quotient (HQ) indicates how easy or difficult it is for you to make a connection (with yourself and others). The process consists of 4 levels. Our ability to connect is the key to our progress. Your HQ is more important in this than any of the other quotients: IQ, EQ, DQ, VQ, and SQ.

Consider your HQ as the total sum of all of these: The human being as a whole.

Let's get started at work

We improve employee agility by stimulating intuition.Experience the advantages of “intuitive learning” and make it a core business practice. We will help you, your team and your business to make these changes and to turn them into daily routines and behavior.

Change from knowledge to wisdom! 

How do we do this?

  1. ‘“Picture” Future Fit status quo : Depict the current need for HQ development and what Future Fit would look like for your company
  2. Environment & Journey: Create 1 or more “learning climate accelerator sprints” based on the current skill set and HQ of each individual employee. It is a proven way to very quickly motivate and redirect “low hanging fruit”.
  3. Interventions:  Develop behavioral intervention programs to facilitate change in daily routines and behaviors.