Suzanne van Dooren

About Suzanne:

“Suzanne is a driven personality who, thanks to her infectious enthusiasm and her goal-oriented approach, is achieving results without detours. She takes a decisive and personally involved approach to processes that are ready for progress.”

Suzanne van Dooren

Where do I come from?
I have been active as an (interim) manager for over 20 years in a wide variety of organizations. Initially I focused more on company results, but gradually my attention shifted more and more to the fascinating interpersonal aspects and I came to an important insight. You can only achieve the “hard” organizational objectives by investing in the “soft” side, in the development of people who work there. The human dynamics and their influence on the performance of the organization intrigued me so much that I started to specialize further. Of course, I then also examined my own personal themes and how they sometimes got in my way in my work and now, above all, are taking me a long way. It starts with awareness: Awareness gives you choice options. Then you are the director of your own life.

Where am I now?
I use this broad experience in organizations every day as a personal coach and consultant. I guide (management) teams and individually also managers and professionals in their work; in their professional development and personal effectiveness. This mostly on the themes of collaboration, communication, team dynamics and (personal) leadership. Only through reflection and by breaking patterns do you become a better version of yourself. Coaching by me means gaining insight into your own talents and unlocking your potential. Being in your power. Being connected to all your talent. That is my passion! It touches me every time I see people taking steps or even taking a big leap. And that naturally also benefits the organization.

Where am I going?
“From good to great”. (Inspired by management book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins)
Unfolding is my greatest asset. This personal value makes me expand my expertise time and time again. This is my phase of energetic deepening on the one hand and proficiency in Extreme Learning on the other.
I will continue to follow this fascinating path…

My personal mission
Inspiring and guiding (future) leaders and professionals in their ambition to excel (within any domain and at any level).

And broader from the HumanFits context: raising the level of consciousness of humanity.

And what further typifies me… I like to think in terms of possibilities:
… “You can do two things with a strong wind; set up a windshield or a windmill”.
My choice will be clear …